The Hole,

The Joint,


The Subway

The new thriller by Matthew House

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Danny wasn't supposed to be there ...

The story takes place on a single night. It follows the travails of an adolescent protagonist after his dad fails to pick him up for a court-mandated visitation, and he has to spend the evening in The Subway where his Mom works at a restaurant called The Frog and Nightgown.

Danny finds himself rollicking through night clubs with a mysterious new friend and embroiled in cold war intrigue as his life becomes entangled with a coterie of sinister government agents and 80s-era musicians.

Join Danny as he discovers a hidden CIA op center, a strange new psychedelic arcade game, and a legendary rocker.

Danny spends an evening in The Subway. His life changes forever. 

A secret government facility located in Chatham County. Most accounts suggest that it was part of a cold war communications system, but there is no official confirmation of what might be down there.

A secret CIA operations center that was located beneath a mid-century office building in downtown Raleigh. Details are thin on the ground, but it was most likely built as a command-and-control facility for use in the case of nuclear war.

It began life as a twenty thousand square foot bomb shelter built underneath a shopping center to be used in conjunction with The Joint. 

Easter eggs, secrets, and more information about the book and characters.